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  • Have you been frustrated by current medical practices?  


  • Have you been told your lab or imaging studies are normal, so there isn’t anything to do for your symptoms right now (other than trying a medicine to cover it up)?  But you know you still don’t feel as healthy as you could.


  • Are you ready to look at your health differently and take an active role in your healing process?


  • Are you simply ready to maximize your performance in daily activities?

If any of these concepts resonate with you, then bioenergetics and/or functional medicine is a great place to look.


Complete a short 


Receive a followup phone call for a free 20 min conversation  to make sure the relationship is right for both parties.

Complete some more extensive forms so we can better figure out where to start. Each case is different so these really help pinpoint the root of the problem.

During the initial consult, we will review all the information at hand to make sure we have a complete picture.

We will come up with a unique plan and set up a method to track improvements over time.

Between a series of followup appointments and slight adjustments  we will be able to measure your progress and make sure you're on the path to live your best life!

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